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Pearl (Moti) Stone represents the Moon planets If the moon is the inauspicious effect in the horoscope then pearl must be worn. The Moon Planet reflects the mind of man, and it completely affects our thinking. Moti proves to be extremely beneficial in maintaining the stability of our minds. By wearing it, you get good relations and benefits from the friend’s side. Wearing pearls also increases self-confidence.

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Special Benefits of Pearl or Moti:
1) Wearing pearls increases confidence. Those who are struggling with mental stress should wear pearls.
2) People who do not know their zodiac sign or horoscope can also wear pearls.
Benefits of Pearl in Health:
3) Moti is considered very beneficial in mental peace, insomnia, etc.
4) Pearls are worn to avoid problems like eye disease and uterus.
5) Pearls are also considered good for heart-related diseases.
Family problem- If there is any problem with your family, then you can use the pearl to overcome your problem. Wear the pearl in the wife’s left hand, it will bring happiness to your family.
The health of children- If the health of your children is always bad, then you should wear a pearl with the silver moon on your child’s neck, your child’s health will be right.
Difficulty in decision making- If you are not able to take a decision in time, then you should wear pearl in your hand. This will enable you to take the right decision. Read Ganapati ji on Monday, you will get immediate benefit from it.
Lack of money- If after working hard there is always a shortage of money in your house, then you should tie two pearls in yellow cloth at your place of worship. There will never be any problem with money in your house.
The position of the Moon in the horoscope not only relieves mental stress but also relieves many diseases like stones, urinary tract disease, joint pain, etc.
-Jataka born on the day of Amavasya will wear pearls, then they will get auspicious results.
When eclipse yoga is created with Rahu, pearl must be worn.
– If the moon is in the sixth or eighth house in the horoscope, then wearing pearls communicates positivity.
– Wear pearls if the factor or Lagnesh Chandra is low.


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