Original Machmani Stone (Matsya Mani) Lab Certified

Machch Mani is a very rare gem which has been considered very important since ancient times. With the help of this one gem, a person can get rid of every difficulty in his life and can make his life happy. Machch Mani can remove all your troubles. Wearing fish stone protects from the enemy and sharpens the mind. Problems related to money also end soon. There are many benefits of wearing Machch Mani in this way.

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Special advantages of Original Machmani Stone –

  1. To pacify the pain of planet Rahu or if Rahu’s mala dasha or antardasha is going on, then wearing fish stone is beneficial.
  2. The person who is fully active in politics and aspires to be successful, must wear fish stone.

  3. You also dream of living a luxurious life, but due to lack of money, all dreams wither before they come true, then you must wear fish stone.

  4. If there is Kalsarpa Dosha in the horoscope of a person, due to Kalsarpa Dosha new troubles are coming in life, mental, physical and financial troubles are increasing, then one must wear Machamani stone, due to the effect of this stone, Kalsarpa Dosha The troubles arising due to this are solved very quickly.

  5. To get rid of Vastu defects, one should wear fish stone. This gem is also beneficial to remove the negative energy coming in the house.

  6. To remove eye defects, body fatigue, Kemudhram Dosh, Guru Chandal Dosh, upper obstacle, obstacle in business etc., one should wear Machamani stones.

  7. This gem protects us from enemies and increases morale. Whenever the children in the house or any person in the house feel or fear an unknown object or shadow in any corner or room, then this gem must be worn.

  8. You also dream of living a luxurious life, but due to lack of money, all dreams wither away before they come true, then you must wear a fish stone. The person who wears it comes out from the stress of all kinds of work and leads a happy life.

How to wear Machh mani stone –
On Saturday morning, after bath, one should wear the invited fish stone in the place of worship of the house, facing the east direction.


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