Pearls Stone (Moti) at Best Price in India

Pearls (Moti) are worn to remove gemstones for the prevention of lunar defects. Moti is the gemstone of the Moon, so those who have weak, weak or afflicted Moon in their horoscope must wear pearl gemstone.

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Pearl (Moti) Stone represents the Moon planets If the moon is the inauspicious effect in the horoscope then pearl must be worn. The Moon Planet reflects the mind of man, and it completely affects our thinking. Moti proves to be extremely beneficial in maintaining the stability of our minds. By wearing it, you get good relations and benefits from the friend’s side. Wearing pearls also increases self-confidence.If there is any problem with your family, then you can use the pearl to overcome your problem. Wear the pearl in the wife’s left hand, it will bring happiness to your family.


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