Tulsi Mala ( Zero Sizes) for Puja purpose in 12 pieces pack

The rosary of Tulsi has electric power. Wearing this garland increases fame, fame and good fortune. Help towards their duty. This garland should be worn on auspiciousness, Som, Guru, Mercury, purified with Ganges water. Kavivar Rasakhan used to wear innumerable Tulsi garlands around his neck.



Tulsi is not an ordinary wood, the garland of Tulsi is even further than the Vaishnav sign. This body of ours is the temple of God in which the couple government is Radhakrishna’s abode, and our soul is the body of the Lord. When we wear the garland of Tulsi around the neck, we say: – “God is yours as we are.” The garland of Tulsi symbolizes this perfection of dedication, and other Vaishnava symbols – Tilak and Chhapa (Ramnoumi). Know for sure that you will get the benefit of wearing them and other family members will also get the benefit. Donating Tulsi Mala yields immense virtue.


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