Tiger Eye Rosary (Jap Mala) 108 Beads

Tiger eye stone’s rosary is a member of the quartz group, where a fraction of the quartz has been replaced by a form of asbestos. The specific colors of the tiger eye stone’s rosary are of that range from golden yellow to deep red and express in some different categories. tiger eye stone rosary forms a significant power of men and woman strengthening.

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Special Benefit of tiger Eye Stones Rosary (Mala): These tigers eye stone’s rosary use meaning is good to have if you’re thinking of switching careers, preparing for an important test, or building up your knowledge base for a project that you will be handling in the future. It will give you determination and courage so that you will become less fearful of what lies ahead. It’s a support stone that will help you think clearly and be bold enough to do what needs to be done. It will make you more aware of the situation from all fronts and pay attention to the smallest details so that you can take positive action. It’s the best stone to have for resolving crises, and it will help you think clearly so that you can make the best decision. Tigers eye stone’s rosary frowns upon complacency and urges you to always be at your 100% best. Use the tiger’s eye stone’s rosary to attract a steady flow of money to your home, office, or business. Use it for quick thinking, or for sizing up a person and determining if they can be trusted or not. Tigers eye stone’s rosary will work wonders for you and your personal wealth!


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