Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by customers

  1. what’s Yantra?
    Ans: Yantras are diagrams or emulate which act as a network in your life. they’re a tool – a symbol of mantras stimulating an environment that creates sure that you’re well being is taken care of in a natural manner. Taken from ancient Indian science, Yantra may be a powerful tool used for invoking the divine power of the gods and invite prosperity and positivity in life. Bring home spirituality and serenity with powerful Yantras which have the potential to bring positive changes in your life. Redefine the way life has been understanding for you. With a various range of Yantras available at Swamiji. in, you’ll also lead a path towards success and achievements with the utmost ease. There are specific Yantras for specific activities and every Yantra is said to a deity.
  2. what’s the utilization of Yantra?
    Ans: Deities are worshiped in several forms and every form is linked to a yantra. it’s said that if you’re chanting mantras of a diety keeping his yantra while chanting can speed up the beneficial effects of the mantras. Yantras are widely utilized in meditation, Pujas, and tantric rituals. Please note Yantra’s sadhana is completed only under the guidance of a spiritual Guru, the Yantra’s we offer aren’t energized which must be done after performing a ritual under the guidance of a spiritual guru. We don’t guaranty any results. we modify the designs frequently as guided by our astrologers.
  3. When does my order gets shipped?
    Ans: Please ask our shipping info page.
  4. How do I cancel my order?
    Ans: Please ask about our cancellation policy.
  5. Are the products genuine?
    Ans: Yes, all the products are genuine and are processed procured, and sell after an intensive survey.

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