This collection contains various bracelets like Rudraksha, semi-precious stones like Amethyst bracelet, Rose quartz bracelet, Hakik bracelet, Coral bracelet, pearl bracelet.

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      Natural Tiger’s Eye Stones Bracelet
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      • Natural Tiger’s Eye Stones Bracelet

      • 1,100.0
      • Tiger Eye Stones Bracelet is a popular yet inexpensive Bracelet. It is believed that Roman soldiers used to wear this stone bracelet in battles as it was capable to bestow them with Tiger like attributes. Tigers Eye Stones Bracelet helps you about seeking out the horizon and making your fortune your way, on your terms. Tiger Eye Stones Bracelet is…
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      Rudraksha Bracelets Premium Qualities
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      • Rudraksha Bracelets Premium Qualities

      • 760.0
      • Rudraksha Bracelets They can be worn by anyone and the positive energy originating from them give the power, name, fame, good fortune, health, wealth, etc. When one wears them they naturally and help them keep their strength.
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      Pearl Bracelet (Moti Kangan) for Original
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      • Pearl Bracelet (Moti Kangan) for Original

      • 1,700.0
      • Pearls Bracelet is used to make themselves look beautiful as well as to shape their destiny. Let me tell you that a pearl bracelet is such a bracelet that makes your fate beautiful along with you. If you are troubled by obstacles in your life, then use for pearl bracelets will be overcome.