High-Energy Tigers Eye Mala for (Multi-Shaped)


Tiger Eye Stone Rosary is a mala of strength, courage, will and special power. Tiger Eye Stones Prayer Mala is worn to help encourage energy flow through the body and boost strength. It also supports us to cope with the worrying situation. Tiger eye stone rosary will work in strengthening your willpower and your intention to succeed.


Tiger Eye Stone Rosary (Mala) Benefit: It will assist you to increase your wealth and apply wisdom whereas doing thus. it’ll conjointly decrease your want to pay on a whim and assist you to resist excessive disbursement. Tiger eye stones rosary a stone of fine luck and fortune, best for entrepreneurs or those that are getting into the business world for the primary time. the tiger eye stone rosary (mala) energy will facilitate bring your dreams and wishes to fruition. Special Benefit of Tiger Eye Rosary (Mala): 1. It balances the actions of the wearer and helps in making correct decisions devoid of emotions. 2. The Tiger Eye stone mala will give courage and confidence to its wearer. It is a beautiful mala and can be worn by any one person. 3. Tiger Eye is beneficial for people suffering from mental or personality problems as this stone is believed to strike the right balance between body and brain. 4. It is suitable for people who get scared easily or lack will as it strengthens the will power and makes the person fearless.

Tiger Eye Rosary is a beautiful Stones Rosary (Mala), made of 100% natural and genuine tiger eye gemstone. The Tiger Eye Rosary is named Tiger Eye Rosary due to its resemblance to the eye of a Tiger. It is a powerful stone rosary that helps its wearer to be fearless and helps reduce anxiety. Tiger eyes stone rosary (mala) will help you to connect to energies that help you be discreet when needed. Tigers eye stone rosary can help you to know when not to reveal what your goals are, but also to remain sunny and cheerful as a good coworker should! Tiger Eye Stone Rosary will bring good luck to you when you work hard and envision your success. Special Benefits Of Tiger Eye Rosary (Mala): Tiger Eye Mala brings insight into complex situations Tiger Eye Mala attracts good luck It guards against negative energies It can deepen your meditative state Tiger Eye Mala improves the focus of the mind Tiger Eye Mala promotes mental power Tiger Eye Mala grounds and concentrates personal energy These powerful stones of the rosary evoke fertility and stimulate passion.


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