Original Pearl Gemstone (Moti Ratan)


Pearls are worn to remove gemstones for the prevention of lunar defects. Since ancient times, pearl must have been used for various purposes, hence its description is also found in the Rigveda. Moti is the gemstone of the Moon, so those who have weak, weak or afflicted Moon in their horoscope must wear pearl gemstone

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Everyone likes the sparkling gemstone pearl. Its pink aura not only provides charm but also serves to overcome many of life’s formidable problems. Moti is such a gem, which works as nectar. Any obstacle in any area of ​​life removes it. Moti has the ability to fulfill your every wish.
Pearl for Cancer Rashi:
Wearing pearls is considered to be highly beneficial for Cancerians. Wearing a pearl is considered beneficial for the peace of diseases and suffering caused by the moon.
Special Benefits of Pearl or Moti:
1) Wearing pearls increases confidence. Those who are struggling with mental stress should wear pearls.
2) People who do not know their zodiac sign or horoscope can also wear pearls.
Benefits of Pearl in Health:
3) Moti is considered very beneficial in mental peace, insomnia, etc.
4) Pearls are worn to avoid problems like eye disease and uterus.
5) Pearls are also considered good for heart-related diseases.


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