Rudraksha Japa Mala 28 Beads


Siddha Rudraksha 28 Beads mala has an original and natural rosary (mala). chanting with the rosary of Rudraksha 28 Beads has ten thousand times more benefit than chanting with any other rosary

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According to Hindu texts, a garland made of Rudraksha is best for chanting mantras. Rudraksha is considered a symbol of Mahadev. Rudraksha also has the power to destroy the micro-germs and Rudraksha absorbs the positive energy present in the atmosphere and brings it to the body of the seeker. Since ancient times, the great ascetic, sages have been adopting this remedy.Rudraksha Mala is safe and worn by most natives across age groups, gender, etc. Known to bring calmness, this Rudraksha lowers blood pressure and calms down the nervous system


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