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Tiger Eye Stone is a crystal with stripes/bands of yellow-golden color. The stone is known as Tiger Eye thanks to its likeness with the attention of a Tiger. It is a powerful stone rosary that helps its wearer to be fearless and helps reduce anxiety. Keep close to the body an eye of the tiger rosary, as it has a charm of will luck. Tiger eye stone rosary ar high-powered to focus the mind, to strengthen convictions and confidence, and to facilitate commerce. Each stone possesses the mystical, vibrant, healing properties of the tiger eye.

Tiger Eye Rosary (Mala) What is special about?
You may know about a lot of stone rosary, but Tiger Eye stone rosary is a completely different and beautiful stone. It is a semi-precious type of quartz rosary that has a pleasant lustrous shine, which attracts every individual to itself. There are a lot of reasons why people wear this stone rosary (mala). While some folks wear it to bring some distinctive luck in their lives. One can easily order for 100% real and authentic Tiger Eye Mala / Rosary.

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Tiger’s Eye Rosary of Benefits: Eye of the tiger Rosary(Mala) is said to protect the wearer during travel, lower high blood pressure and increase strength as these are benefits of the tiger eye. The wearer of tiger eye rosary is thought to be ruled by the life-giving sun and is thought to be able to bring courage during dark times in a person’s life. Some tiger eye rosary benefits stimulate taking action and aid one in making decisions as it enhanced discernment and understanding, unclouding one’s emotions and it’s believed to enhance integrity, willpower, bring prosperity and good luck. It is often mentioned that tiger eye crystal rosary brings luck and wealth, This tiger gemstone rosary is vital to children as it aids accelerating their healing, concentration in studies and offering them a sense of courage and security. Tigers Eye Stone’s Rosary, Luck and Wealth: It’s a wonderful Tiger eye stone rosary to own with you if you’re trying to extend your wealth, boost your cash flow, or produce a lot of opportunities for growth or growth. It will herald abundance and prosperity to your life if you play your cards simply right! The mystical appearance of the tiger’s eye stone rosary can’t help but inspire success. Remember, this stone is named after a mighty big cat. Like the tiger, you’ll feel empowered, confident and able to stride with a swagger after your goals! Tiger eye stone rosary (Mala) can help to build your resilience and make you more durable and hardy against infection and being hurt.

Tiger Eye Rosary (Mala) is a beautiful Mala made of 100% natural and genuine tiger eye gemstone. This is a real natural stone mala without any color dyeing. Tiger Eye Rosary (Mala) Introduction Tiger Eye Mala is a spiritual mala that attracts luck, prosperity, and money. However, Tiger Eye is a powerful stone. Tiger Eye is named in this manner, as it has a strong resemblance to the eyes of a Tiger or a cat’s eye with its brown color base and its Gold yellow, which comes primarily from part of Asia and part of Africa. Tiger Eye Beads Prayer Rosary bone is worn to assist encourage energy flow through the body and boost strength. It also supports us to cope with the worrying situation. It also aids in digestion and complete health. The liquid association of sunshine across the helpful stone makes it an excellent tool for vision or divination work BENEFITS OF TIGER EYE ROSARY (MALA): It balances the actions of the wearer and helps in making correct decisions devoid of emotions. The Tiger Eye stone mala will give courage and confidence to its wearer. It is suitable for people who get scared easily or lack will as it strengthens the will power and makes the person fearless. Tiger Eye is beneficial for people suffering from mental or personality problems as this stone is believed to strike the right balance between body and brain. It is beneficial for people with Capricorn (Makar Rashi) Zodiac Sign. It is a beautiful mala and can be worn by anyone.


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