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Best Online Astrology Consultation And Remedies Solution

We provide Best Online Astrology Consultation, Numerology chat, Palmistry Reading, Vastu consultant, Deep Horoscope Analysis report and remedies for solution.



About Swamijee

Best Online Astrology Consultation by swamijee . He’s is an Best Astrologers . one of the most sought after astrologers in India who has mastered the yoni sadhana and the subject of kp astrology, numerology, vaastu shastra, palmistry, tantra-mantra and many more.

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[astrologywp_column_shortcode heading=”remedies”][astrologywp_column_features_shortcode title=”Pregnancy” description=”The complex and unexplained offspring can be solved with the help of Vedic methodology and expert Vedic astrologers.” iconimg=”2024″ page_url=””][astrologywp_column_features_shortcode title=”Manglik Dosh” description=”In Hindu astrology, Mangal Dosh is an astrological combination that occurs if Mars (Mangal) is in the 1st, 2nd (Considered by South Indian Astrologers), 4th, 7th, 8th, or 12th house of the ascendant chart. A person born in the presence of this condition is termed a manglik.” iconimg=”2022″ page_url=””][astrologywp_column_features_shortcode title=”Rajyog” description=”There are so many favorable Yog in kundli. These Yog are called Rajyog. Rajyog gives rise and benefit in Career, Education, Business etc. For Rajyog, 3rd, 6th, 8th, 9th and 12th house are counted from lagna.” iconimg=”2025″ page_url=””][astrologywp_column_features_shortcode title=”Legal Case” description=”Getting into litigation or court cases are becoming common in these days. Nobody wants to indulge in litigation’s. But sometimes innocent people are also getting involved in litigation’s due to bad planetary positions in horoscope.” iconimg=”2021″ page_url=””][astrologywp_column_features_shortcode title=”Nakshatras” description=”The zodiac according to Indian Astrology comprises of 360 degrees. There are 27 Nakshatras or constellations in it.” iconimg=”2028″ page_url=””][astrologywp_column_features_shortcode title=”Birth Journal” description=”A Kundli or horoscope is an astrological chart that is created based on exact birth date, place of birth and time.” iconimg=”1431″ page_url=””][/astrologywp_column_shortcode][astrologywp_column_full_image_features_shortcode title=”Child Name Analysis” description=”Name is a very important aspect of any human being. The very first thing that we learn to identify someone from is his Name. A person’s name tells us a lot about him and his personality. Therefore, a same is something, which cannot be ignored.” iconimg=”256″ button_link=”#” button_text=”search now”]
[astrologywp_column_shortcode heading=”astrology advice”][astrologywp_column_features_shortcode title=”Business” description=”Some people are not for the job. They can’t work under the supervision. For those people, business is the best. But sometimes people start business and get failure again and again.” iconimg=”2026″ page_url=””][astrologywp_column_features_shortcode title=”Business Partner” description=”Most of the time, people start business in partnership to divide the business complexity into two halves. But they choose wrong partner, who is not faithful for business.” iconimg=”2023″ page_url=””][astrologywp_column_features_shortcode title=”Wealth” description=”You will get answers of all these questions and other questions whatever you want to ask. Yantra-Mantra-Shakti, Gem stones and other astrological remidies will reduce your wealth problem and can make all the difference in the person’s life.” iconimg=”2030″ page_url=””][astrologywp_column_features_shortcode title=”Health” description=”Everyone knows that health is wealth. When our health is in good condition than we can do everything very easily. But, sometimes we get sick and our health does not cure.” iconimg=”2027″ page_url=””][astrologywp_column_features_shortcode title=”Gems and Stone” description=”It is necessary to know about the gemstone you are going to wear. It can give you good or bad effects, according to your horoscope. So it is better to know which gemstone is beneficial to you.” iconimg=”2019″ page_url=””][astrologywp_column_features_shortcode title=”Children” description=”Child is a priceless gift of God. Child is a very important part in life. Every married couple wants to have a child. But sometimes married couple get trapped in complexity.” iconimg=”2017″ page_url=””][astrologywp_column_features_shortcode title=”Visa Problem” page_url=”” description=”Questions can be limitless. We are here to answer your all questions. We will help you by checking your kundli, the position of stars which are obstacle in getting visa. We will give you cheap and best remedy (if needed). So that you can easily reach to your destination and live your life joyfully.” iconimg=”2029″][astrologywp_column_features_shortcode title=”Enemy Problem” page_url=”” description=”Today is the era of competition. It is common to have enemies in this age. Negative competition, feeling of jealousy, war to win are the main cause of enemy.” iconimg=”2018″][astrologywp_column_features_shortcode title=”Horoscope” page_url=”” description=”The Daily Horoscope is based on 12 Zodiac signs which are known as sun sign analysis. There is much more to astrology than mere sun sign horoscopes.” iconimg=”2020″][/astrologywp_column_shortcode]
[astrologywp_column_full_image_features_shortcode title=”vastu shastra” description=”Vastu Shastra is believed to have a strong influence on people, their behavior and their success in various areas of their life. Modelling your home according to Vastu is therefore considered one of the most influential ways of channelizing this energy. Based on the Panchabhoutik theory of astrology and the twelve zodiac signs associated with it, they provide significant importance of direction.” iconimg=”1670″ button_link=”#” button_text=”Book Now” img_height=”199″ img_width=”328″][astrologywp_column_full_image_features_shortcode title=”Match Making (Kundli)” description=”Today’s Generation does not believe in match-making. But it is important to match kundli before marriage. Some people who do not match kundlis before marriage, faces problem afterward. No one can tell you, how will your married life be? But, Vedic astrology can easily answer this question.” iconimg=”1692″ img_height=”300″ img_width=”300″ button_link=”#” button_text=”Check Now”]
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[astrologywp_price_table_shortcode active_table=”true” price_value=”2100″ title=”Deep Kundli Analysis” button_text=”Book Now” permonth=”Rs” heading=”Recommended” paytem_url=”#” payumoney_url=”#” button_url=”#”][astrologywp_price_features_shortcode check=”true” title=”It includes all the services.”][astrologywp_price_features_shortcode check=”true” title=”You Can Ask Any Question Related To Your Kundali”][astrologywp_price_features_shortcode check=”true” title=”you can ask any question related to your life with Remedial Solution.”][/astrologywp_price_table_shortcode]
[astrologywp_price_table_shortcode heading=”Family Package Horoscope” title=”Family Kundali Analysis” price_value=”5100″ button_text=”Book Now” permonth=”Rs” paytem_url=”#” payumoney_url=”#” button_url=”#”][astrologywp_price_features_shortcode check=”true” title=”It Include all the services”][astrologywp_price_features_shortcode check=”true” title=”Here Complete Family means four Person of the family”][astrologywp_price_features_shortcode check=”true” title=”You can ask any question related to life of each person of the family”][/astrologywp_price_table_shortcode]
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