Face Reading and Analysis (samudrik Shastra)

Do you want to become a face reader? Swamiji brings to you India’s first and only systematic and complete Face Reading / Body Language (Samudra Shastra) course online. Certificates and study material available with the course. This course can change your life, making a positive impact in your life and in the lives of others. And one can get you recognition and respect in public as a face reader. You can easily predict the past about the person in front of you and can tell the diagnosis of inauspicious yogas.




Face reading, also known as physiognomy, is an ancient art that examines a person’s character through facial features. Each feature like narrow eyes, big nose, long chin, thick eyebrows etc. has a psychological illumination.

In this course you will learn (syllabus):
Face Reading: Types of faces, knowing the personality of different faces, study of different lines on the forehead.

Yoga: Knowing Raja Yoga etc. from the head line, the effect of auspicious and inauspicious yogas.

Study of eyes: Different types of eyes and their qualities, nature, diseases, relation of eyes with eyebrows, different types of eyebrows and their effects, prediction from eyes.

Disease diagnosis: Knowledge of disease from palm, knowledge of disease from fingers and nails, comparative study of common and uncommon diseases, knowing the cause and time of disease.

Study of ears: Importance of ears, types of ears, effect of hair on ears, personality difference due to small and big ears, effect of abnormal ears, knowing age from ears.

Study of nose: Different types of nose, difference between short, long, flat and abnormal nose, knowing personality from nose.

Effects of Moles: Moles found at different places and their effects, Effects of moles on face, palm, Different types of moles and their effects.

Body parts: Effect of missing body part or extra part to know the future by different body parts. Estimation of effects of planets, zodiac signs etc. from different bodies.

Posture Analysis: Effects of different postures, effects of food habits, clothing, sitting, walking etc.

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