White Coral (Safed Moonga) Original


White coral (Safed Moonga) makes people strong both from the mind and body. It keeps the mind calm and inspires you to do good in your work. It saves the person from any evil activities by eliminating negative energy. Wearing it fills the love of husband and wife. Health, wealth and wealth are attained. It protects the person from any evil activities by eliminating negative energy.

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White Coral (Safed Moonga) protects its wearer against the spirit, hexing, sorcery. Those individuals who are in problem due to the Manglik problem or malefic mars should subscribe to the natural white coral to overcome this serious problem. The stone efficient ally deviates the negative energy of Mars into positive energies.
Those individuals who are in the respective fields such as medical, surgeon, leather industry, chemical, manufacturer, scientists should wear this stone.
Those people who are facing financial issues or monetary issues must wear this stone. The white coral gemstone will help its wearer overcome financial issues.
The coral gemstone also proves benign for marriage. This precious gemstone will bring bliss and harmony within the married life. Also, it prevents women against widowhood. White coral is the benefic gem of Venus and Mars. It is related to Taurus and Libra zodiac. These gems must be worn by those who want safety, prosperity and spiritual awakening.


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